Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hey Folks,

Here is a cropped version of a drawing I'm working on. This is the main portion of the drawing. More to come of it later. I'd show the entire image but its so unfinished (like, some of it isn't started) that I would rather not. This guy isn't finished either though I've spent the last many an hour doing the details of 'im. Not exactly sure where this one came from, but I've been listening to a lot of Philip Glass lately and this was fairly heavily inspired, in mood, by the 'Heroes' and 'Lows' albums.

I'll keep you guys posted on this drawing as it unfolds, its my main project of the moment (which isn't really a good thing considering I need to work on a series of drawings, a painting and a host of other little things for actual classes) so it'll be in development a lot faster than the others.

Hopefully we'll get some dragons up here soon enough.


  1. Awesome stuff.

    Also, I agree. More dragons.

  2. Its shameful that they haven't made a prominent appearance. I should change the name to May or May not Contain Dragons.

  3. gasp - you must have fun going at these. no problems erasing. just like mylar.

  4. I have as much fun with them as any other of my media. But I have just as many frustrations where I end up in that state of unable to work on it (you know, similar to last night's class). Its why I end up working on about 10 drawings at the same time. If I'm frustrated with one, move on to another and come back when I can stand to look at it. Its how a lot of stuff gets deleted.

    P.S. Is it odd that since you started your comment with "gasp - " I at first thought you were adressing someone of that name?