Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello from the dragon

Hello people who give a shit.

I've set this blog up as a place where I can throw up all the things I've thrown up with my wacom tablet and limited photoshop skills. Most of the work I will be putting up here will be works in progress, and a good deal of it will never be finished.

One of my potential futures includes an interest in concept art. As an avid gamer, being a part of that world in which I would be able to exercise my drawing abilities in conjunction with the creation of a complete work could be a great experience for me. As a result, a lot of the stuff you'll see me putting up are works in progress to be eventually added to my portfolio of concept art.

One may note that the title of this blog is 'May Contain Dragons'. As both a doctor of Dragonology and an artist you will find that dragons frequent my drawings.

Here are a few of my illustrated works that are not yet completed:

This little guy is from a series of drawings I'm putting together called 'Project Galaxy'. It's a series of drawings all down in a cartoony spacey way, mostly starring this turquoise guy. The second drawing in the series was completed but scrapped for the crime of looking like shit.

This was one of my first attempts at doing landscape entirely tablet-based. I'm still not finished with it, there are a lot of things I need to tweak still and I'm only just getting used to using colour for this type of thing. I''ll need to put another 4 hours into this one at least.

This guy I've put at least 12 hours of work into. I'm fairly happy with the result, being the first real long-term tablet work I've done. Heavily inspired by both many images of Bahamut and Shadow of the Colossus. I may convert him into colour when I have a better grasp on it.

The next three are all drawings I did for Bored Stiff. They're a Toronto-based Hardcore band who are fast, hard and will break your face in. You can check their shit out here. I'm good buddies with the lead singer D'Arcy and they thought a series of drawings I did titled 'Monster' from back in my punk rock days was cool enough to have as the album cover for their demos. I've been doing shit for them since. I haven't done anything new for them in a while, but here are a few things I did for them in the past 6 or 7 months.

Thanks for reading
-Simon Sweetman, Doctor of Dragonology


  1. you work very well with a tablet, simon sweetman.

  2. My name is Professor Klondike from the Duke-Rutherford Academy of Greater Ontological Numenosity (D.R.A.G.O.N. for short) and I have received several correspondences from my colleagues at many different dragon-related publications. In particular your doctorate on the Superiority of Twin Tail-Spikes over Pyrrhonic Breath was fascinating and has turned many scholars' heads here at the Academy. We would like to offer you a temporary teaching job here, if you are available, with the possibility of a full-time permanent professorship following your publication of 3 or more articles for Drakes & Wyverns, the Academy's own Bi-annual Journal. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for making Dragons your life.
    Professor Chocolate E. Klondike

  3. p.s. that landscape is retarded. you should be getting hired like NOW. and that evil guy is still my desktop background.

  4. Nick - Thanks budday. Nice to hear from you. I heard you've been having a rough week or two. I'll try to be up early the next few mornings to see if we can't skype.

    Prof. Klondike - I would be honored to do a series of lectures at the Academy. I am currently working on a paper of finer distinctions on the crests and scale patterns of Northern and Southern breeds of McArthur's Cliff Drakes. I will happily submit some publications to your Journal.

  5. Oh geez. I am now your most recent and devoted fan.

    I also recently got a wacom intuos, and it intimidates me so much I haven't really put it to good use yet.

    I also love dragons. Todd Lockwood is my hero. And you are now elevated to his level.

  6. Wow. Thanks buddy. I can't afford the intuos models. I'm using the Bamboo. The really small bamboo actually. I would certainly not consider myself up with Lockwood (he helped out on the Monster Manual 3.0, which is where I know him from) but its extremely nice of you to say.

  7. Well you can certainly do some amazing stuff on a Bamboo. I guess I'm trying to compensate for the lack of skills.

    I certainly hope you've gotten your hands on the Draconomicon.

  8. I actually don't own it. Most of my rules are homebrew. At the time when I still bought rulebooks I was far to poor to afford the Draconomicon and so I never got around to it. I suppose though, as a person in my position in the dragon world, its a duty that a obtain a copy of that.

  9. Ah, well if you're not a stickler for copyright, I actually have a pdf version of the Draconomicon.

    I don't know how I'd go about giving it to you, though.

  10. Its all right. I can get a PDF copy no problem. I like having the real copy of dragon books, though.