Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm getting close to finishing this drawing. Its been devouring my free time but I'm loving working on this one and I'm thinking of maybe turning it into a series. Suggestions are always welcome. Things I'm still working are obviously: the grass itself, shadows, atmospheric perspective for the background, the fissure (and lighting within) and then its just a case of tweaking everything. Sorry about the lack of new work today, this is my primary right now.

Peace n' Tea,
Simon Sweetman

P.S. To professor Klondike, I'm currently finishing my research on the Dream Dragon theories for the moment and I will begin on working on my publications for you.


  1. man, this one is gonna be unreal. i already love it.

  2. I especially like how you did the angry clouds.

  3. Thanks guys. I'm not quite happy with the clouds right now actually. I think I may go back and make them a little more serene. I would like the feel of the piece to be eerie rather than aggressive. I also don't like that the clouds look unfocused rather than just in the distance.

  4. i like the banner you've posted. the image looks great desaturated like that.

  5. Thank you. It was originally going to all be washed out like that with a sepia base tone but I decided I'd rather go with light but more vibrant colours.