Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On the Subject of Fruming

So the topic I selected for this week's creature of the week was the Bandersnatch. A creature that is mentioned offhand in Lewis Carrol's Jabberwocky as a frumious creature one should shun.

The round had an unexpectedly good turnout. I was really happy with the cool and creative creatures people made with the frumious bandersnatch as their subject. Here's mine. I liked the description I wrote for the piece enough to include it for once...

Alternate, with better colour balancing:

bandersnatch: n An asshole with two mouths. Can be meant in a literal way (e.g. The bandersnatch cackled at me out of one mouth while the other chewed on my prized tulip). Or in a figurative way, signifying a double-entendre, usually meant only for the asshole themselves to understand (e.g. The bandersnatch was complimenting me in one mouth and laughing at my misfortune in the other).

frumious: adj To be mischievious in a seemingly friendly way (e.g. The frumious bandersnatch told me I was pretty while it swiped my prized goddamn tulip from my grasp).

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