Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everyone You Know... (Part 2)

“People won’t automatically like you. You may be socially crippled your entire life.”

“You will never receive notice that magic is real and that you are wizard...”

“...Your owl will never come.”

“Despite your canine teeth, you aren’t a werewolf.”
(having some problems with this image, I'll upload it when I can)

“Most sources of information on the world available to you are lying. Even your parents...”

“...You parents weren’t ‘Just wrestling’.”

“You probably won’t live a healthy lifestyle.”

“You will never be an astronaut...”

“...But it’s possible that outer space will come to you in the form of an asteroid, wiping out all life on the planet.”

Uncle Francis tucked Leo into bed.
“You look disappointed, kid...”

(This line would be on the final page of the book:
“...Get used to it.”


  1. Genius! I love the idea and the art's stupendous (durrr!). Maybe for the werewolf the kid is gumming on a raw steak or something?

  2. Ryan, thanks for the suggestion, but the werewolf image is finished. What I meant by having trouble with the image is that I couldn't upload it when I tried to. I'm still figuring it out, but it should be slight format change.

  3. so awesome, man. and so glad it was such a hit with the performance and everything. glad our years of lies paid off.